Brian J. Borchers

How do you lose your soul?

Your soul is not something like a set of keys or a pair of sunglasses that you inadvertently leave at work or a restaurant.

Second Son Of A Second Son is a book about Rescue and Restoration. It is a book about being rescued from an ash heap, both personally and professionally, all tied together with the “He Restores My Soul" phrase of the twenty-third Psalm.

Have you ever given up, or been forced to give up? How do you lose your ability, your will, to go on?

Everyone has a story, an important story. Everyone's life is worth living, and is worth the effort it takes to receive to live the life of God's good intentions, grace, and blessing.

In this book, author Brian J. Borchers tells his story, with insights into his father, and life in rural Verndale, Minnesota. It has all of the ingredients of a novel, with humor, tragedy, a love story, and restoration.

This is a story of tragedy and loss; a story with a complete, clear insight into God's faithfulness and grace. Not only does the author tell of being rescued, but shares the steps–at times difficult–needed to make that possible. He also closes the book with insights that will keep you from "losing your soul" in the future.

There are three main powerful statements throughout the book which will greatly help you. The results are rescue, recovery, and restoration that you will remember for the rest of you life.

This book is for anyone who is struggling to do more than put one foot in front of another, trying to bring an end to one more day.

About the Author

Brian J. Borchers

Brian Borchers was born and raised in Verndale, Minnesota. He received his Bachelor's degree in Minneapolis, MN.

He has had a multifaceted career. After college he was an Associate Pastor in two churches and a Senior Pastor of two churches.

He is a gifted musician, trumpeter, guitarist, keyboard player, and songwriter.

A career change brought him to manufacturing management in the microelectronic and healthcare industries. Today he is an author, songwriter, and speaker.

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